Are you looking to build a new property or renovate an existing space? Sharpline is here to assist you from the very start! We have years of experience, resources, and manpower to get you started from the ground up. Our construction management services include budgeting, planning, scheduling, quality control, and more. Check out what more we can do below!

Construction Management

Need a professional team to help you build your property dream? It’s hard work to do it by yourself, so have Sharpline take on the responsibilities! We have a group of trusted workers who have tons of experience in commercial project management, consulting, owner’s representation, and more. We make sure your project is done exactly how you want it.


There are tons of facets that go into a commercial project. Have you decided on building from scratch, or who is going to take care of your maintenance work? You need to think about these things no matter what kind of development you have in mind. Luckily, Sharpline can do all of these construction services for you! We’ve helped clients in the past with fit-outs, renovations, upgrades, new construction, and more. See how more details on our services below!

Multi-Family Management

Multi-family management properties are a beast to take on, but with Sharpline on your side, things like maintenance, renovations, turnovers, and new construction are a breeze! Most multi-family property owners try to learn how to do it independently, which can result in major headaches. To maximize your revenue, leave it to the experts at Sharpline. We have years of experience with properties of all sizes, from small apartment complexes to large-scale condominiums!

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